General Information


12th Edition
From September 07th to 09th, 2023
11:00 a 20:00 hrs.
World Trade Center, México City

On behave to the 17th edition from the Gourmet Show, we are please to invite you to participate as exhibitor.

Agave Fest is an exhibition dedicated to promote the Agave products: tequila, sotol, raicilla, pulque, inulin. In the show you can sell your products, we will have tasting and conference.

Inside the show buyers and costumers can find all kind of products that could appeal too specialty food consumer. Buyers attend to discover, try, and buy new products. Retail companies attend to the show to restock their businesses.

Since the 1st edition every year we have increase exhibitors and space for the Agave fest show.


Prices and spaces available for this years

Booth Agave Fest m2 Stand costs
2 x 2m² 4m² $13,103.44 + VAT
3 x 2m2 6m2 $19,655.17 + VAT


All booths in Agave Fest has: black hard walls, company name in up header sing of 7.88 inches and description in guide data show (Printed and distributed by the newspaper “El Universal”.

The booths Doesn´t include: Electrical contacts or any other additional packaging that does not come specified in the contract

Booth reservation is guaranteed with a deposit of 25% plus VAT of the value of the stand and any contract entered into force 2 business days of signing the contract.

Please let us know any question, and we will be please to answer

Best Regards

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